Bank of Canada Currency Converter – an online tool for converting to and from CAD to other currencies. 

Bank of Canada Interest Rate Information – current and historical rate information, as well as bond, treasury bill, and money market yields.

BC Government Home Flipping Tax – a new tax that will be implemented on properties that are sold on or  after January 1, 2025 if the property is sold within 2 years, unless an exemption applies.

BC Government Home Owner Grant Information – eligibility guidelines and the amounts available to claim.

BC Government Property Transfer Tax Guide for First-time Buyers – a detailed guide that outlines eligibility and other information.

BC’s Speculation and Vacancy Tax – information on the tax and how to declare for exemption.

Federal Government First-time Buyer Incentive – an interest free loan and shared equity program to assist first-time buyers.

Fixed or Variable Rate – important items to consider when considering taking a fixed or variable rate mortgage.

Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) Request to Withdraw Funds from an RRSP – the withdrawal form you need to complete a withdrawal under the HBP.

Inflation Indicators Graph – a graph published by the Bank of Canada that gives a historical look at inflation figures to present day, and related definitions.

Real Estate Buyers Guide – A detailed guide outlining what you need to know for purchasing real estate in the Sea to Sky corridor, prepared by the law firm of Race & Company LLP.

Reverse Mortgage Information – a great information page that summarizes key components of what is a reverse mortgage and who is eligible.

Spagnuolo & Company GST Calculator – an online GST calculator from the law firm, Spagnuolo & Company.

Spagnuolo & Company Mortgage Fraud Info – an information post about Mortgage Fraud Protection.

Strata Housing Information  – a BC government web site that provides a comprehensive overview of strata housing.

Understanding your Credit Report & Credit Score – from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

Whistler Housing Authority – all the information you need for WHA properties in Whistler. 

Mortgage Insurers of Canada

Canada Guaranty




Whistler Listings Systems  (WLS)


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Annie de la Chevrotiere

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Mortgage broker services with over 25 years experience behind every approval. We advocate for home ownership, refinances to help cash flow, knowledge, and peace of mind.

Why use a mortgage broker? For results, expertise & efficiency. We track the 5 & 10 year bond yields daily to gauge the short term upward or downward pressure on interest rates. This helps to secure the lowest rate for you when you are obtaining a mortgage approval or pre-approval.

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Whether for a purchase or a refinance, I am available 7 days a week to find the right mortgage options and rates for you. I am a professional that takes the time to explain the application process and answer all of your questions. International time zones are accommodated. In most cases, I am paid directly by the lender so there are usually no fees for my service. In situations where a fee may be payable, advance notice is provided with full disclosure.

Our financing is sourced from various institutional & private lenders which provide first, second, and interalia mortgages. Also on this site, there is information on different types of mortgages such as Reverse, and Construction mortgages. There are also speciality pages devoted to First-time Buyers & Non-residents.

Curious about interest rate risk versus penalty risk? This is discussed on the Fixed or Variable page, here.

The pre-approval process starts with the on-line application, and from there I let you know what is needed for supporting documents. We review the numbers with you so you understand what your payments will be and what you will need to budget for a down payment and closing costs. We work together to meet your objectives for your mortgage financing requirements. For more information on what a pre-approval means in today’s lending environment, click here.

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The Mortgage Centre became Canada’s first national mortgage broker organization in 1989.

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